May 2018 Bullet Journal Spreads

In preparation for May, I created a whole array of spreads to follow throughout the month. Feel free to take inspiration from my posts just as I have from other Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards. So, let's jump right to it: This is my monthly overview for May. I decided after April's green theme of leaves, I … Continue reading May 2018 Bullet Journal Spreads


May Doodle Challenge

Hello everyone, I have decided to introduce a new Dyslexia Dairies Monthly Doodle Challenge. Each month I will post a new set of doodles to draw each day (one per day), all following a certain theme. This can also be found on my Instagram (@dyslexia.dairies). This month the theme will be 'Under the Sea'. You can … Continue reading May Doodle Challenge

Blogmas #19 – Revision Tips!

I'm not going to lie to you, I have spent the whole day working so I unfortunately don't have a sparkly Christmas post for you but you know what, that's life and the reality of someone who likes to get good grades (I hope). Instead, despite the fact it's not very Christmassy, I thought I'd write … Continue reading Blogmas #19 – Revision Tips!